The PHD Software Support System

Getting Help

PHD has an context sensitive help system which can be used as an on-screen reference manual or an assistant to help you when you get stuck.

To get context sensitive help, (which senses where you are in PHD and presents you with the appropriate help topic), press the button.

For the Help Table of Contents, use the Table of Contents Command on the Help Menu in PHD.

For the Help Arrow, click the Help button on the toolbar. (The Help Arrow turns the cursor into an arrow which you point and click on the field in question. PHD then presents you with the help topic in question.

Additionally, you can search for any topic by choosing the Search Command from the Contents Menu of the Help System.

For a complete description of how to use the Help system, select the Help on Help Command from the Help Menu.


An expanding list of frequently asked questions supplements the help system on a separate page.

Our Mailing List

PHD Software does not sell or distribute its mailing list. We value our customers too much to inconvenience them with tons of junk mail.

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance is available to registered users.

E-mail us at

Comments. We want to hear from you !

PHD Software is committed to continually improving our products. We encourage you to contact us to share your comments, and offer ideas on how we can improve PHD.

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Thank you

We sincerely appreciate your examining PHD. We are confident that you will share our belief that PHD is the finest Performance History Database program available on the market.

On behalf of everyone at PHD Software, I thank you.

Eddie Kastrau

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