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ISSN 1073-2101     Volume 3, Number 2, Summer 1996

Performance History Database Computer Software

Performance History Database 3.0 is a computer software program designed to assist dance companies by keeping track of their performance histories, tours, repertoire, casts, residency activities, videos, presenters and royalty payments.
    The PHD system was designed by Eddie Kastrau, a dancer with the Danny Grossman Dance Company, who has tested the program extensively to ensure that the system works effectively and specifically to meet the needs of a dance company.
    PHD is useful for storing and easily accessing information on works in the repertoire including the names of designers, information on music, program credits and program notes. When remounting works from the repertoire, a company can access necessary information for the program quickly and easily. The program becomes a useful human resources tool as it keeps track of dancers' dates of employment, biographical information and status with the company.
    Dance companies will find the PHD software helpful for tracking royalty payments. PHD will print out comprehensive reports showing pieces performed, the number of performances, the rate of royalty and the total amount due in a particular time period for costumes, music and set designs.
    The program also stores information needed for year-end grant reports and statistical surveys in one location. Information, including the number of performances in a year, annual attendance, number of dancers employed, works from the repertoire which have been performed, and information pertaining to the creation of new works over a funding year can be compiled for reports and surveys.
    To assist companies in artistic programming and tour planning, PHD provides a quick reference to what works have been performed in what cities and in what theatres, as well as which casts of particular pieces have performed recently.
    Version 3.0 of Performance History Database allows for importing of audio and video clips from CD-ROM along with scanned photographs and news clippings of reviews.

Two screens from Performance History Database 3.0
document repertoire and videos.

Performance History Database is available for $199 US.

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Excerpt from:

The Danny Grossman Company Newsletter

Grossman Dancer Creates Software
to Streamline Archiving Process.

The Danny Grossman Dance Company is preserving its own dance history, using the Performance History Database (PHD) program. PHD allows us quickly and accurately to catalogue performance details, including program dates, repertoire, casting, music, sponsor names and notes, as well as other important statistical information.
    The program was developed by one of our own dancers, Eddie Kastrau. Originally conceived to organize our video library, we quickly discovered that having information about performances, repertoire, and dancers at our fingertips would allow us to complete many of our administrative tasks much more efficiently.
    The program can assemble information for grant applications and surveys, determine royalty payments for choreographers, designers and composers, locate videotapes and programs for our dancers, look at past programming for a particular city, region, or country to determine programs for upcoming tours, in fact, access any information about our artistic activities that we might need.
    Now in its third, most advanced version, Performance History Database is being used by several other dance companies, including Dancemakers, Toronto Dance Theatre, Canadian Children's Dance Theatre, the Collective of Black Artists (COBA), and the American Dance Legacy Institute.


Some Endorsements

"Before PHD, we had to rummage through hundreds of paper files to compile statistical reports. This program literally saves valuable days putting together applications and reports to funding agencies."

K. George Wolf
General Manager

"Working in a contemporary art form, we have a tendency to think only of the present and future, but as we approached our 25th anniversary season we realized the importance of recording the past.
    This touring and repertoire database allowed us to bring all our information together. Now we can constantly maintain and update our information, always knowing where we performed, what we performed and who performed, together with other valuable statistical and historical information."

Ken Peirson
Executive Director
Toronto Dance Theatre

"PHD provides immediate access to the company's performance history including programs, casts, theatres, tours and details of the repertoire. For the Artistic Director, PHD is an invaluable tool. From the point of view of management, the Performance History Database saves valuable time in preparing reports, determining royalty payments and booking tours."

Jane Marsland
General Manager
Danny Grossman Dance Company

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