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   About Performance History Database

Performance History Database is a program written specifically for professional dance companies. With PHD, you can quickly archive and preserve your dance history, performances and artists. Using PHD's reporting features, you can readily determine royalty payments, performances, casting, and repertoire details and generate statistics for year-end reports and grant applications.

    Whether you're an artist using PHD's video search feature, an artistic director planning a new season, the tour manager researching presenters and previous bookings, or solely interested in preserving your dance company's rich heritage with PHD's multimedia capabilities, PHD is an indispensable tool.

    Version 3.0 is the current release of PHD and includes: the ability to track presenters and venues, out-reach activities of a dance company such as residency and teaching activities, support staff such as technical and costume personnel, and a comprehensive video cataloguing system, a must for any dance company.


  • Attendance tracking
  • Video management (instantly add performances to a video library)
  • Link or embed multimedia objects with each record (music, photos, video)
  • Export all data to mail merge or spreadsheet-capable format
  • Share data across a network
  • Track multiple companies' performance history, as in the case of an umbrella organization (requires extra registration)
  • Filter records based on any criteria, and save filters to be recalled later.
  • All dancers, support staff or royalty personnel can be a person or organization.
  • Supports multiple screen resolutions.
  • Export reports to Excel, Word, Lotus or HTML format.


  • Track royalty payments owing and paid
  • Performance documentation, including casting, sponsors, tours, venues, lecture/demos
  • Repertoire archiving, including designers, builders, choreographer, music, composer, premieres, and program notes
  • Examine dancers' performance history by repertoire and event
  • Maintain dancers' biographies
  • Increase efficiency with consistency and consolidation of information
  • Becomes a useful multimedia learning tool for universities.
  • List your performance history on your web site.
  • Output records to a file for mail merges.

You can examine PHD screen shots on the following pages to obtain a more complete overview of the capabilities of Performance History Database.

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