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Question 1

I am having difficulties installing the software. Is there something I should do differently?

Answer 1

During the setup, occasionally you may get the message:

"An error occurred while registering the file c:\windows\system\MSRdo20.dll"

There are three buttons to choose from: Abort, Retry and Ignore. Choose "Ignore".

The message may also appear for the file c:\windows\system\crystl32.ocx.

Again, choose "Ignore".

When PHD setup is complete, if you received one or both of these error messages, rerun the setup program and all should run fine.

Question 2

I'd like to print out a list of every dancer who ever danced for us. All I want is a list, I don't want all the other information. How do I do that?

Answer 2

How to print a list of all dancers:

1) Go to the dancers form.
2) Go to the Records menu and select Show All Records.
3) Select Ascending.
4) Press the Report Button on the toolbar.
5) Select "List of All Displayed Dancers (Last, First)" from the list of reports.
6) Press the Print button on the Reports form.

* Reports will always display in the Print Preview first.
* Reports will print on the default printer.

Question 3

I'd like to print off a datasheet of repertoire with three columns: piece, choreographer, and world premiere date. For some reason it won't print out the date. I'll have three columns laid out and it will only print the two. Any suggestions?

Answer 3

For some reason the columns have to be moved side by side to each other, and not by just hiding the columns in between.


1) Go to the datasheet view. Click Hide/Show Columns from the Layout menu. Click each column to show all columns so we can start fresh. Press OK.
2) Move the Columns so that the layout looks like this:
Piece, Choreographer, World_Premiere_Date, then the rest of the columns. (To move a column, click on the column header and release the mouse (this selects the column), now click and drag the column header until the column is in the right place.)
3) Now repeat step 1 to just show the columns you wish to show.

This should work. In case not, there's another anomaly to deal with:

The far right column always resizes itself to fit the Screen. Don't believe this. If you try to resize the right column by clicking the right side of the column header and dragging it to about half its width, you will see that it resets to the fit the page. Actually, you have really resized it to half the size of the original width (but this is only reflected in the printing of the datasheet, not the screen view).

One final note:

Depending on your screen resolution, what you see on the screen may not be what gets printed. If you are in 480 x 640 mode then you are pretty safe in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). If you are in 600 x800 mode be careful. A rule of thumb is: Only widen the columns about 3/4" beyond the Video tab.

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