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  Performance History Database (Dance)

Download PHD

Download    Click  phdsetup.exe, to download
Performance History Database
( 8.9 Mb ), to your hard drive.

The downloaded version of PHD is a fully functioning copy with one limitation.  You are limited to adding or duplicating 10 records only in each form until you register the program.

If you decide to buy PHD, we'll send you a serial number to enter, allowing you full access to add and duplicate unlimited records.  Existing records will be preserved.

System Requirements

Your computer must meet the following minimum requirements:

Windows 95 / 98 / NT / 2000 / XP
10 Mb of free disk space

Installing PHD

1.   After downloading, using Windows Explorer, double click the file "phdsetup.exe" and follow the instructions on-screen.

2.   When setup is complete, locate and click the Performance History Database icon on the start menu to start PHD.

Please note: If you have any difficulties downloading or installing this software, see our FAQ's Page for information that should help.

Where to go from here

You can download two 15 minute demo tutorials to learn the main features and shortcuts of the program. The files are self-extracting and will unzip into MS Word  documents.

Performance History Database Tutorial 1 - Performances, Repertoire and Dancers: Step-By-Step Instructions - tutorial1.exe

Performance History Database Tutorial 2 - Royalties and License Fees: Step-By-Step Instructions - tutorial2.exe

When the download is complete, double-click each file to install on your hard drive.


More information can be found on the FAQ page.


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