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Performance History Database is a dedicated computer program written for professional dance companies. It is increasingly accepted within the dance community as the definitive tool for archiving performance history and assisting in the daily tasks of administering a dance company.

   How quickly could you determine ...
  • All the works in your repertoire?
  • All the performances you have ever presented?
  • All the theatres you have ever performed in?
  • All the dancers who have ever worked with you?
  • All the cities to which you've ever toured?
  • All the designers, composers, and guest artists who've
    ever worked for you?
  • All attendance figures for every performance?
  • All royalty payments due or paid to anyone?
  • All the videos, CDs, tapes, etc. in your library?
  • All of your performance sponsors?

If you have to leave your computer to answer these questions,
you need PHD, the Performance History Database program!

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Created - December 15, 1998
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